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IBM iSeries Client Access file detected as false positive


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To Whom It May Concern:


Our organization uses IBM iSeries Client Access to connect to AS/400 systems.  As of today, we our clients are experiencing an issue where the following file is flagged as a false positive and removed by newer versions of Malwarebytes:


C:\Program Files\IBM\Client Access\Emulator\pcsxlt.dll


Or "Program Files (x86)\ in some cases, but you get the idea.


This is a well-known, legitimate program, and without this file, printer sessions used with the Client Access software cannot be activated.  While I do not have a log, I have added a .zip of the file in question so that it may be analyzed and categorized correctly.  Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


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C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Client Access\Emulator\pcsxlt.dll


I also received a false positive "trojan.ransom.ed" alert on this "pcsxlt.dll" file. 


I obtained a clean copy from an associate and loaded it back into "C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Client Access\Emulator\".  Again, when I tried to open IBM Personal Communications iSeries Access for Windows Ver 6.0, the "dll" was quarantined.  I added the location and file object in the Ignore List so that I am now able to run the Client Access Emulator.


Note that this problem only appeared, for the first time, today (Oct 11, 2013).



Richard Greenbaum


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We are still getting FP's on the file pcsxlt.dll.


The hit is happening when we start the iSeries application to connect to a session.


Error in my log is below.


2013/10/11 10:33:32 -0400 ALJEM12589 aljem DETECTION C:\Program Files\IBM\Client Access\Emulator\pcsxlt.dll Trojan.Ransom.ED QUARANTINE


I will get a current log and file tomorrow. We have the file in the ignore and it is still getting a FP. Had to disable al file detection to stop the hits.

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