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Error "PROGRAM_ERROR_UPDATING (5, 0, MBAMFileIO::WriteFile)"

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Hello everybody,


First off all, i want to say sorry for my bad english, because actually i'm german.


i have a problem with Malwarebytes. When i'm trying to update it, appears a Messagebox with an error:

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
Ein Fehler ist aufgetreten, bitte geben Sie das Problem an das Malwarebytes Antimalware Support-Team weiter (inklusive aller Fehlermeldung(en) und Fehlercode(s)).


Zugriff verweigert



I'm using Win 8 Pro 64x and i'm working with a normal account, not a admin account. Also i'm using the testversion of Malwarebytes, because i wanted to test it, before i'm going to buy it.

For understanding my Problem i attached a MHTML File. I used the Problem Steps Recorder from Microsoft. You can open it just with the Internet Explorer.



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Hello and :welcome:

If you are using a normal account (non admin), that could be why you are getting an error because your non-admin account would not have rights to write the update files. You can either right click on the Malwarebytes Icon and select Run As Administrator then perform the update, or you can log in as an admin and setup the scheduler under the admin account, then you would not have to worry about doing it manually.


See these topics for more help:


How to Schedule an Update

How to Schedule a Scan


Thanks :)

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