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have a wierd program that mbam thinks is ok? maybe it is?

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ok first off,  hi im new here but have been using your products for a while.I love the product.   I am helping someone that has a computer running already said "malware protection" but didnt catch what your program has. 


anyway this is what i got.   : windows xp, service pk 3 , really slow computer..lol 

antivirus: mcafee viruscan enterprise 8.8  (if your familar with this product , i have my access protection set so it will allow your "service")

norton go back.


anyway i  ran numerous scans and nothing comes up but i do have internet freeze up every now and then i noticed a program that i believe i shouldnt have.   ctfmon.exe   I currntly dont have microsoft office products installed!  i understand this runs with that. 


ctfmon.exe is found in 2 locations.  ie   (system32, prefetch) attached is a screen shot in paint of "norton revision" history as you can see this file seems to be changing alot, but the security says its ok.   I have disabled it numerous times it keeps comming back, even found the registry key wich is sometimes there and sometimes not.   

  it is located in : reg/user/Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\ctfmon.exe


is this just normal and im racking my mind thinking its something bad, computer did have a trojan before your scan now seems to be ok. just this i thought was weird.   thanks for the help!!






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thank you for the reply,  ok so i will stop bothering that.   Just for clairication, this program exist in system 32 and in prefetch.


if im not using office products why would i even have ctfmon.exe, or is it just part of the ms service pack and i have no choice but to keep it.   


my mcafee vs, alearts me to programs set to "auto run" this is one of them. 

your malwarebytes startlite also decided this program wasnt needed for startup.  so i disabled it.


am i messing with the wrong thing here and just interupting the computer regular process? 


i am not a IT guy just i work with computers at my normal job. So just trying to help someone here who dosent know alot about computers.

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