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Conficker Symptom

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Hey guys, I figured I'd ask this question here. Sorry if it's in the wrong forum. Also, this is my first time posting here, so thanks ahead of time for any responses to this topic!

So, I've been reading up on this dreaded Conficker worm. I've run the latest MB, went to symantec's website (which you're not supposed to be able to access if you're infected) to use their tool. They didn't detect Conficker.C or .D on my machine. So, great, right?

Unfortunately, I've randomly been unable to get on www.microsoft.com and I can't tell if this is random or what. I asked my friends to try and they've all been able to log on. There are 3 computers connected on our router and none of them are able to access microsoft.com either. But again, I'm able to access every other supposedly blocked site (McAfee, Symantec, etc) So, maybe I'm just being paranoid, but is it possible there's another explanation for not being able to log on to microsoft.com when others can?

I'd really rather not have to reformat my computer tonight...

Anyway, anybody have anything on that? Much appreciated!

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An extremely quick (but cursory) visual test for Conficker may be done at this website


If the visual comes out showing all six graphic icons, your system is likely not conficker infected.

Visit the webpage and see what it shows you.

Now then, the question that should be posed to you is.....

Have you applied the KB958644 Security Update? at around last October 2008?

If you bring up Add-or-Remove programs, make sure it shows all updates, do you see an entry

Security Update for Windows (KB958644) ?

If it is listed, the fix takes care of the vulnerability that conficker depends on.

That said, there are a number of other malwares that block access to microsoft.com

What concerns is your statement

There are 3 computers connected on our router and none of them are able to access microsoft.com either.

One possibility is that you've got a DNS Changer infection.

Have you run MBAM on each of your pcs ?

When you say "logon to microsoft" what exactly do you mean?

Can you at least reach http://update.microsoft.com

Please advise which version/edition of Windows you have

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