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Wanted criminal, malware writer and stalker gives out name and picture.


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Here's the story: http://www.vanvaeck.net/about.html
He's a fugitive (probably in the US) who's been stalking me ever since 2011, because 10 years ago I was a famous virus writer. However after I was arrested years ago I've promised the police never to write viruses again or have anything to do with it, I took down my website and all.
The reason I talked with the FCCU (Federal Computer Crime Unit) was not really because of the stalking and love and sex talk he did (I didn't think back then that I should be really worried about it, until he started talking about things only my close friends could know, that I never even told on facebook, that was slightly scary), but the reason was that he sent me viral code (which again I didn't ask for and I told him to stop!) and I didn't want to get caught with any of that on my PC or possibly get involved if this man ever gets caught.
He told me his name is Justin and sent me a picture. He claims he's a fugitive and wants to flee to the Netherlands.

A few months ago it suddently stopped (the mails) so I tthought my case with the police had stopped it, but yesterday he started mailing me again.
I want this to stop and I hope putting his picture out in public is going to help and stop him from possibly stalking other girls.
Or maybe someone has had this same problem and recognizes this guy.
It was the police themselves who were saying that maybe I -should- be worried and to file a case against him.. but apparently that hasn't helped either.
Also he was talking about a girl called Lena also in a sexual way, as if it was someone I should know. I can't remember any girl in the virus scene with that name, but maybe if I can find her we can file a case together.

Thanks for your time.




Kimberley Vanvaeck (also known as Gigabyte)

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I find it a little bit odd that anyone would stalk or harass a woman who knows how to write computer viruses... I guess a psychopath will stalk anyone though...

I do find it a little bit odd that she hasn't simply blocked the guy's e-mail address. At least, most mail services allow for that. I guess if she's running her own server then it might not be as simple, depending on what SMTP server she is using.

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  • Root Admin

I'm sorry but this is a matter for the authorities and is not related to malware removal.  You should contact your local police department and open or reopen the case and let them assist you.


As such I'm going to close this topic as there really is nothing anyone else can do to assist you.


Thank you and good luck.


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