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For fans of British crime dramas, Broadchurch returns to BBC America this Wednesday, with the 2nd season.


Season 1 was characteristically well-written, well-acted and set in a beautiful locale.

I am looking forward to Season 2.


Speaking of British crime dramas try these...


Ripper Street

1889. It's been six months since the last Jack the Ripper killing and East London is emerging into a fragile peace, hopeful that this killer's reign of terror might at last have run its course. Nowhere is this truer than in the corridors of H Division, the police precinct charged with keeping order in the chaos of Whitechapel.

Stars Jerome Flynn (from Game Of Thrones).


Peaky Blinders (a gangster show set in Birmingham during the aftermath of WW1) starring Cillian Murphy and Sam Neill, and The Fall starring Gillian Anderson (from The X Files) as Superintendent Stella Gibson, a senior police officer investigating a string of murders in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


All are worth checking out if that's your thing.


Not sure where you can get them in the US though. Here in the UK they are on Netflix / Amazon Prime.

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INSANE Never been that fast or even close to it on any bike. Ran from California to Montana doing 120mph in a camry sport but that's not the same. car has much more protection than any bike ive ever been on. Although very dangerous im sure the rush is GIGANTIC from it all.

you are right.INSANE is great

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I just saw Malala Yousafzai address the UN again.  She is worth watching and listening to - again.



One Child,

One Teacher,

One Pen,

And One Book Can Change The World






The pen is mightier than the sword.


Thanks for sharing, I was just in the routine to go to sleep, but your post made me stay up and watch it again, wat a voice she has,  what power,  mash'Allah 

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In memory of

Alan Rickman


Hillel ( Hilly ) Kristal


Alan Rickman starred in the movie CBGB playing the role of Hillel ( Hilly ) Kristal who opened the CBGB nightclub in the East Village of New York City, 1973.
The CBGB nightclub was the center of the Punk Rock scene and was the venue of many great bands and singers who were marginalized by other venues.  Hilly Kristal brought us;  Deborah Harry ( Blondie ), The Police, The Ramones, The Talking Heads, Iggy Pop, , The Beastie Boys, The Patti Smith Group  and so many, many, more.
YouTube hosts the entire CBGB movie.
In honour of Alan Rickman who honours Hilly Kristal in the movie...




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