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6 hours ago, AdvancedSetup said:

Thanks for sharing @exile360not sure myself how that is like the number one game online these days but okay.


Hehe, I guess it's addictive in its simple gameplay.  I've never actually played it myself, but I do love what ray tracing/path tracing does to enhance its graphics.

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Thanks, just a reminder

Note:  Please keep the following in mind when posting.  We want a good, fun, safe time for everyone watching new or interesting videos.

  • Inappropriate video posts will be deleted without further discussion.  This includes vulgar, adult, racist, etc.
  • If possible please post so video is able to be viewed inline.
  • Do not link to any videos of an adult nature or vulgar language
  • Do not link to videos that require any type of registration to view. Exception Netflix which has become very common worldwide
  • Do not link to any videos that are hosted on a site with large amounts of advertising that may cause someone to accidentally click on
  • Do not link to any videos that are illegal such as ripped movies.
  • Please keep discussions to a minimum.  You can discuss but we don't want pages of discussion and no videos.


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"These things happened. They were glorious and they changed the world...
and then we f****d up the end game."

                                                                                                               Charlie Wilson




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Edited for content, clarity, spelling and grammar
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Where will we be in another decade (2031) with both AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Robotics?


Elon Musk warns about the dangers of AI (Artificial Intelligence)


Boston Dynamics - Atlas | Partners in Parkour


How Boston Dynamics Built The Most Advanced Robot


Tesla Bot vs Boston Dynamics Atlas! (Watch their reveals)



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