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That's really awesome that this stuff is online today for people to watch. Years ago CD/DVD were the only way to see and in many cases there is/was so much content that could only be seen on TV or in the Theater. So many choices for users today.


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Very true, and unfortunately a lot of older shows have been lost because they were never saved and the only copies available (if we're lucky) are bad digital copies from old VHS tapes or similar.  I wish companies had more foresight about technology and the need to save our art and our history (which TV shows, movies and all other forms of entertainment, including video games are definitely a part of).

Here's another good video about the DCAU, but again, be warned of spoilers:


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I just watched The People vs. George Lucas, a fan-documentary about the tumultuous history between George Lucas and some of his fans over some of the decisions he's made over the years, particularly with regards to the Star Wars franchise (i.e. his 'improvements' in the 'Special Editions', the fact that you cannot get copies of the original theatrical releases legally on any modern digital format in their original theatrical widescreen presentations, the controversial prequel trilogy, and of course, the infamous Jar-Jar Binks!).

Specifically with regards to Jar Jar himself, I am personally of the opinion that the 'fan theory' regarding Jar Jar being a powerful force user (Dark Side/Sith aligned) and working with Senator/Chancellor/Emperor Palpatine the entire time, deceiving the Jedi, Princess Amidala, and of course young Anakin Skywalker, ultimately handing over complete control of the Galactic Senate to the Chancellor, thus ensuring that he would be in place to take up the role of Emperor once the Jedi were framed as traitors to the Republic and eliminated and was quite deliberate on Jar Jar's part.  Outside of certain obvious and not so obvious 'inconsistencies' in the films where Jar Jar is involved, we also got a sort of confirmation from the voice actor who portrayed Jar Jar in the films as mentioned at #17 in this article and many have already compiled this and more to prove the point with the following videos being among the examples with the theory itself originating from a fan theory on Reddit:

I am no great fan of any of the Disney Star Wars films, but when I heard rumblings that they might reveal Snoke as being Jar Jar in one of the films, I ALMOST convinced myself to actually go see them, however I returned to my senses realizing Disney and the execs now in charge over there would never do anything that awesome (or risky, given all the fan animosity towards that particular character), and of course I was right to doubt it sadly.

I really wish the backlash hadn't gotten to Lucas or that he had the guts to stick to his guns and just tell the stories he wanted to tell and I think the idea of a Sith Jar Jar revealing himself as a Force-wielder and battling it out against Yoda would have been awesome.  I'm not the biggest fan of many of Jar Jar's antics and silliness in the first of the prequels, but I did see the potential for what he could have been once I saw his role in Revenge of the Sith and I kept thinking even when I first saw the first of the prequels that something just wasn't right with Jar Jar, and it felt like he was deceiving everyone/playing a role and had more sinister machinations in mind, though the thought of him actually being Sith hadn't really occur to me admittedly.  It just felt weird to have Bugs Bunny show up in the middle of a Star Wars film, and it always had me looking at him sideways, not to mention the fact that he had time alone in the back of the ship right before the hyperdrive is discovered to be broken and the way he is seemingly 'scolded' by R2, plus the fact that somehow the Sith knew right where they were even though they were specifically told to send no communications to avoid compromising their location to the enemy, and I kept thinking Jar Jar was probably the only one with enough time alone on the ship to pull it off.  I had an inkling of a notion that there was more to Jar Jar than meets the eye and it also never made sense to me that even a 'moron' like him could believe that granting those emergency powers to the Chancellor would be what Senator Amidala would do in his place.  They were good friends, worked together and knew each other well I would think based on his role at the end of the first film and especially in the third (even if we don't see him much in the second for obvious reasons due to the fan backlash) and now after seeing the scenes in detail with references to actual martial arts and some of the slow-mo stuff I missed when watching it normally (he totally does the Jedi Mind Trick multiple times!), I can totally see it now and it's hard NOT to see him as a 'secret Sith Lord'.  Heck, even I thought it was really weird when he did that 'Force Jump' in the first film into the sea on Naboo.  Sure, I had the thought that maybe he can jump like a frog because he's an amphibian, but still, the only time I'd ever seen anyone move like that, with that speed/height/motion, it was always a Force-wielder.

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By the way, they point this out in the first video I linked to above, but anyone who actually remembers what Yoda was like when Luke first met him in Empire knows that much like Jar Jar, he was silly, annoying, and seemed like a total goof if not downright nuts (all that time alone in exile perhaps?), but once he reveals himself to be Yoda, the infamous Jedi Master, all that silliness and fighting with R2 over a small lantern thing and whacking him with his cane vanish and Luke commences his training to become a Jedi.  Obi-Wan was thought of as an old bum/harmless old man before revealing that he too was strong in the Force and a powerful Jedi.  Maybe a similar reveal was in store for Jar Jar.  He certainly dressed more like a Dark Side user/Sith in the third film, and no one can argue that his personal actions did not lead directly to the formation of the Empire and Palpatine coming into power, helping to seal the fate of the Jedi and the entire galaxy.  Without Jar Jar, that likely never happens.  It was literally his fault.  That was no accident.  It had to be a deliberate decision on the part of Lucas or whoever wrote it, and I don't believe it was just a nod to the angry fans so that they could blame him for both ruining their childhoods and the Republic (though a vindictive writer could certainly be capable of such a thing).  It just fit too well, and Jar Jar was already moving up politically by the end of the first film, first as a general in the Gungan army after previously being in exile, then in the third film taking on the role in the Senate.

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How to live stream ‘Jersey 4 Jersey’ online

The show will be live-streamed on the New Jersey Devils’ website, as well as Apple TV apps.

Viewers who live in the New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia markets and want to watch the broadcast online via one of the network TV channels can sign up for streaming services Fubo TV, which offers a free trial, or Hulu Live TV.



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You're welcome :)

The Blizzard of 49 one was really good.  I liked both, but that one was the better of the two by far.  It was fascinating to see how the nation dealt with all that snow and with so many areas being completely cutoff from the rest of the country.

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