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What are you watching ?

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I've been watching this channel a lot in the last few days including this morning and I've been learning so much 


Screenshot_20191023-112854_Opera Mini.jpg

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On 10/23/2019 at 10:50 AM, AdvancedSetup said:

That's not nice @mountaintree16 now I see what little free time I have getting abused by this YouTube channel 🎭🎨🎆





Sorry Ron :X :P

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Robin Hood with Jamie Fox, 2018

What a piece of crap !

The costumes are more modern that 15th century. 

The dialogue sucked as they spoke using modern styling with modern linguistic pros, just with most actors using a British accent and dialect, there were even American style dialects.

"He had it coming" she said...  Are you kidding me ?  That's not 15th century linguistics.

A modern glass bottle ?  Really ????

I saw  a character with modern glasses.  Are you kidding me ?  Glasses with milled metal and machined micro-screws in the hinges.  Optics were in their infancy in the 17th century,  Galileo was early 1600's.  WTF !

On a 0 ~ 10 scale --  0 !

Can you you say Crap ?

Sure, I knew you could.



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I liked the way they did this in A Knight's Tale.  They were obviously putting a modern spin on things, but they did so in more subtle ways while simultaneously injecting it into the time period and events onscreen without it being too disruptive (like with the dancing/music etc.).

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I did as well.  I just loved the Dance scene to David Bowie's music and the joust scene with the music of Queen's We Will Rock You.

I don't think the two tales compare.  Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman's Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves  set the gold standard.

RIP Heath Ledger and Alan Rickman




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Time for my yearly Christmas tradition of watching those seasonal classics.  First up, Die Hard, then Lethal Weapon, then I'll round out the evening with It's a Wonderful Life.


Happy Christmas everybody :D!

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16 minutes ago, AdvancedSetup said:

Yep, watched it. Now you're on the hook to do a CBS All Access subscription to complete it. 😂 🤣


I will wait till the end of the season and start the trial and binge it.😜

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