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Linksys WRT54G


Username:  < blank, no name >

Password:  admin


All routers have a "reset" button which you can hit to cause the Router to return to factory defaults including the default password.


Before doing that however, was this included with a cable provider's "package" such as from Comcast ?



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If you properly hit the reset button (not hit switch and release but hold it in with a pen's tip for 30 seconds) then it will bring the unit to default factory settings of not using a username but the password being;  admin


That is the default unless Linksys provided the unit to companies like Comcast who then provides it to their subscriber's in a package deal.  In that case they may supply their own defaults such as the Username being:  Administrator or comcast and the password being;  1234, admin or password

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A few notes:
*  Make sure you use WPA2 AES (high number bits) encryption and make sure the SSID password is a Strong Password
*  Turn off ICMP responses from the Internet. { Disable WAN ICMP Echo Requests (e.g. pings and ICMP traceroute queries) }
*  Disable any management of the Router from the POV of the Internet.  All management should be performed from the LAN side.
*  Don't use a SSID name that ties the WiFi service to you or your family.  Use whimsical names and the like.
*  Change the default management password of the Router to one you know.
*  Document passwords created and store them in a safe but accessible location.

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I don't have the unit "here" such that I can tell you specifically what pages to load and capture screens and post them.  I can only  give you generic information that can be applied to any Router.


You may capture screens and post them and I can guide through the settings.

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Piece meal it and if possible JUST the web page not the entire computer screen.




For the Static DNS 1:

Static DNS 2:


Save that.

ok, I'm dumb. I don't know what you mean about Piece meal it and if possible JUST the web page not the entire computer screen.

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             Wireless Network Mode:    DisabledMixedB-OnlyG-Only                             Wireless Network Name (SSID):               Wireless Channel:                1 - 2.412GHz2 - 2.417GHz3 - 2.422GHz4 - 2.427GHz5 - 2.432GHz6 - 2.437GHz7 - 2.442GHz8 - 2.447GHz9 - 2.452GHz10 - 2.457GHz11 - 2.462GHz            Wireless SSID Broadcast: Enable Disable          

Status : SES Inactive


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"piece meal" ...

 this would mean the really important "chunks" on the screen ... not needed are things like all the tabs/bookmarks you have showing (and such as that) .

you may have to bring the stuff up on screen and then using a screen capture program that you can "set" the area you want and save/attach it .

a possible option would be to use a pdf of the manual for your router ... but ... if the manual is slightly different from what you have in front of you things are going to go south pretty fast .

i have seen slight permutations of manuals and devices ... not pleasant to sort out .

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