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Which type of PC attacks/intrusions are the most common


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I've been curious about this question for a while.


Among home 'net PC users, does someone have a general idea about what types of attacks/intrusions are the most common that users encounter?


During my 11 years of home 'net connectivity, I've only (to my knowledge) been affected by the typical, easily recognized intrusions, such as the "FBI" malware, where the user is blocked from their 'net pages and a bogus dialog box appears that tries to direct the user to a bogus site to obtain personal info or $$'s.


Another type that I've seen are the ones where they install an official-looking Windows Security Shield in the Tray and launch multi-dialog boxes informing the user that their PC has detected many infections, etc.


To date, I've not encountered (that I can detect with any PC issues) hidden or deeply-rooted infections.


I know which I prefer, that's easy.  All of my past intrusions that got past my frontline AV protection were easily detectable.  I knew almost immediately that my PC got infected.


Those attacks are easy for me to fix (cloning, spare HDD), so they aren't a concern to me.


If I had some kind of hidden/delayed trigger intrusion, full-disk cloning or imaging would be compromised.  I have an emergency 3rd HDD on the shelf but that would take some time to bring up to date with OS updates, my files, etc.


Based on just my home PC experience, I'm guessing (hoping) that the deep/hidden attacks are not common.

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