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MBAMScheduler service timeouts slowing laptop down

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The day after I installed Intel's latest video drivers for my laptop, whenever I initiate sleep on my laptop (Win7 Ultimate x64) or swap usb peripherals (mice, blu-ray drive, etc) there is a noticeable pause ~30-45 seconds.  Removing and reinstalling the previous version of the drivers did not help.


Upon bringing up event viewer, I noticed the following error message associated with such events:


"A timeout (30000 milliseconds) was reached while waiting for a transaction response from the MBAMScheduler service."


I looked at which processes were running using task manager and currports and there did not seem to be any rogue programs running or sending out information at first glance.  I scanned using mbam and removed old items that have been sitting in quarantine for the past few months.  I also ran roguekiller, mbam anti-rootkit and mbam-check (logs  attached).  Nothing awkward seemed to have appeared.


So I removed mbam with mbam-clean and I noticed the slowdowns going away and then quickly reinstalled mbam from the main download link.  Lo and behold, the problem came back.  In the end, disabling mbamscheduler.exe service and manually updating mbam's database seemed to have done the trick and the slowdowns disappeared.


Is this a possible bug on the part of mbamscheduler.exe?


Win7 Ultimate x64




mbar-log-2013-10-02 (16-41-38).txt

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