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Deploying the client on a Windows Image

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We're a K-12 school division that's a brand new MB customer.  We have 50 different offices/schools that we manage, and we cover small rural and remote communities in Manitoba Canada.  Most of our sites have very poor connectivity, and are configured as standalone AD domains.


We currently manage software with a standardized Windows 7 image that we deploy using the linux based OSS FOG.  We don't push out any software after the installation, but include everything on the image.


If we create a standalone installer, and change the XML file to point to a DNS name, and have each site resolve that DNS name to the local IP of the MBEE server, will machines populate in the console?  An alternative would be an automated push install that runs at specified intervals.


Our issue is that we don't have network administrators on site at our schools.  5 distributed network admins cover the 50 sites, so it's not effective for us to have a manual deployment process.


Any advice for automating the client installs?

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So it looks like I have it working nicely.  I edited the SCComm.xml file from an installer, changed the remoteHost key to refer to the DNS name, and stripped the Group key GUID so it wasn't joining a group that wouldn't neccessarily exist on another server.  I took that install package to a remote site with a new server install, installed it onto a client, and the client registered with that server.  We're looking good to easily deploy MBEE.

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Hi frontiersd


Glad you were able to get this figured out.  The forums are typically to possibly get input from other users of the product but if you have specific support issues then I would recommend that you create a Support Ticket to obtain direct support from the Help desk.

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