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Is Stickies legit?

Guest techhead287

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Guest techhead287



I am looking to getting this sticky note software called Stickies.


I am afraid that it is not legit, and I am just asking if you use/knows anyone who uses Stickes, and to just leave a reply with your opinion of it.



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Hi, techhead287: :)


If you are referring to Stickies by Zhorn software (http://www.zhornsoftware.co.uk/stickies/), yes, it is safe.


I have been using it for years on multiple Windows platforms (XP, Vista, 7; both 32-bit and 64-bit).

It is a small, unobtrusive utility program that does what it says and says what it does.

Nothing fancy, but works well.


Just be careful downloading anything from CNET, as they have a bad reputation nowadays because of the use of wrappers and other cr@pware.

(I have the stickies installer saved in my downloads folder on all my rigs and use that version to install/reinstall; and I would download directly from the publisher's site when needed.)


As CWB aptly pointed out, I would also be careful to ensure that you are getting the authentic program, rather than a knock-off or worse (rogue spyware version), as I presume there might well be impostors out there.





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I suggest Post-it® Software by 3M instead.



Thanks for that suggestion.

Looks to be rather the same -- IIRC I might have considered that one many years ago when researching the topic.... :)

Truth be told, I've been using Stickies for so long, I haven't revisited the subject in quite a while.


So, is there any particular reason for the "instead", other than personal preference or experience?

<just curious>

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i agree with DD1 ...

my opinion of cnet has dropped considerably since they started certain *questionable* practices .

that wrapper stuff sucks .

i have spent much time "cleaning and stripping out" a couple of programs downloaded from them and then removed the superfluous crap from my comp .

(hey , how often does one get to use the word "superfluous" ?)

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