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Serious Incompatibility With CyberGhost VPN


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I had noticed before that when I use CyberGhost VPN sometimes -depending on what server I choose- a Malwarebytes popup appears saying it has successfully blocked an outgoing connection, showing a CyberGhost server address. So in Malwarebytes' Ignore list I had added "C:\Users\Public\Desktop\CyberGhost\VPN.lnk" and it appears as a file.


But just now when I tried to connect to one of CyberGhost's servers some of those popups appeared again as CyberGhost was trying to make the connection, and when on the interface of CyberGhost I tried to stop the connection making process to that particular server, to choose another one from the list they offer, hoping that one would not cause Malwarebytes to block the access to it, the CygeGhost interface froze. By calling up Malwarebytes and clicking it away again the CyberGhost interface disappeared. 



Malwarebytes does not block all CyberGhost connections to the latter's servers, only to some I noticed. This last one was to a server in Bucharest.



So then I though of posting about this issue here, but my Internet connection was broken by the operation, and I couldn't get it back again. But I rebooted my notebook, and here I am...  


Maybe something to look into?

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Because a vpn may share servers with malware servers this is why its being blocked. I would need a list of the ips being blocked to check them though


To get the ip to be ignored you have to add the ip to the ignore list by clicking the ip ballon alert and adding to ignore. Adding the program links wont ignore the ip blocks.

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Thank you.


I tried to follow your instructions, but when I right-click on the balloon it simply disappears.


I tried again with Bucharest, as that was triggering the balloon yesterday:




Luckily for my use it doesn't really matter, as I always use one of the CyberGhost servers in Erfurt, Germany when I want to watch RT Live. I discovered that using that server gives me nearly double the speed I get when I watch RT Live than just watching it normally, not with that VPN server. No idea why that is.


I like that though because normally I only get about 5.5 Mb/s and the stream gets interrupted now and then, while with that Erfurt server I get about 9.5 Mb/s when watching RT Live, and no interruptions:










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I did not post on CyberGhost's forum about this Malwarebytes blocking address issue, but I did mention getting a better reception utilizing one of their Erfurt servers when watching RT Live, servers which Malwarebytes does not block access to. (I only tried that server in Bucharest to see what results that would give me, and found out Erfurt was better for me.)


I was told the better reception has to do with their datacompression: http://www.cyberghostvpn.ca/forum.php%C2'>

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