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Possible Keylogger/Virus Infection? Please Help!


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Hello.  I am running Windows 7 Home Premium SP 1.  I was recently told and shown by a friend that I may be infected by either a Keylogger or some other Virus which seems to be slowing down my computer & internet.  I have already run the Farbar Scan Tool I downloaded from bleepingcomputer website and I have attached it below.  Could someone please take a look at it and advise me to whether I am infected or not?  Thanks in advance for your help.



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Please close this topic as it seems that after 3 1/2 hours that this topic has been opened no one has an answer at this time.  Thanks anyway!  If I have any further questions or problems, I will be back as I have had help from here that was much appreciated and resolved my previous problems.  Other than this topic being overlooked, I am glad this forum is available for help.  Thanks again.

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Hello swsexton - Just to clarify a little bit for you and anyone else that might come along later on reading this.


Your topic was not being over looked.  Your expectations are not in line with reality unfortunately is all.   This is a forum that attempts to help thousands of people from around the World with a handful of volunteer Helpers from around the World.  Its not instant messenger hooked up to your friends and family or a drive-thru like you're picking up a burger.   Currently the site is responding pretty quickly but at busy times I've seen it take up to 5 days before anyone can respond and have also seen at some sites about a year ago that were so busy it was taking them 20 days to get back to you.   So because someone has not responded within a couple hours to provide free expert advice is a bit high of an expectation is all.


Thank you.

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