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Again: DPC Latency with Website Blocker

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Its not true that the problem, that the website blocker causes DPC latency, is only for very view users. 

I'm running a Thinkpad with Windows 7 64 bit, brand new installed, and have this problem. The onboard NIC is an Intel82579LM Gigabit Network Connection, so the tips of your support "go and get another network card" does not work on a laptop. 

I also don't want to see the typical answer "you can get refund of the license you bought". 

What i know is that in older versions of MBAM this problem does NOT occur: I use this laptop for two years, and i installed MBAB two years ago when the laptop was brand new. And i never had any problems. No i needed to clean install the system, and i needed to download the newest MBAB version ( , and from this moment i have this problems. And it is not acceptable that i can't hear music because of this high latency and sound drops. 

So me and i think a lot of others really want to know if there is a bugfix for MBAM to solve this problem. 

kind regards, 

peter jansenbusch

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I have the exact same problem with actual MBAM on a notebook with Windows 7 64 Bit. As soon as I activate website blocking, I get sound problems everywhere. And if you google the problem, you can see that some others have it, too. MBAM is a great software, that's because I purchased a licence. But now I can't use it 100 %, and that's bad.

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I'm sorry Peter but at this time there is no "fix".  If you've recently purchased the product you can contact the Helpesk and they can issue you a refund for the product.


Thank you

Ron, do you know if something was done about this issue with the 2.0 alpha?


Best regards,


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Hi, Francois: :)
Until AdvancedSetup returns:

Ron, do you know if something was done about this issue with the 2.0 alpha?

Did you happen to see @shadowwar's replies in the other recent post in which you had also replied? :)

If these are 2.0 related posts they should probably go in the 2.0 forum.



Just so we keep all the info for 2.0 together so findings don't get misplaced.


Just thought I'd mention it, so as not to confuse forum newcomers and others viewing this thread.


I'm sure AdvancedSetup and the staff will have additional information for you about this. :)





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  • Root Admin

According to Quincy the DPC latency issue is resolved for him in the 2.0 Preview.


Please see the following post:  https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=138704


I will go ahead and close this topic now as discussion of the 2.0 should be in that forum not this one.


Thank you

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