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PUP.Optional.Conduit.A not going away

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Hello and welcome, DroidKing23: :)
PUP = Potentially Unwanted Program
This KB topic explains what they are AND how to decide whether to delete them or keep/ignore them: What are the 'PUP' detections, are they threats and should they be deleted?

The default action for PUP detections is 'Show in results list and do not check for removal."
(If you look at the item displayed in your screen cap, you'll see that the box to the left of the item is NOT checked/ticked.)

If you want Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to remove these PUP detections reported after a scan, each item must be checked.

  • To do so quickly, you can highlight one of the detections by left clicking on it.
  • Then, right click on the highlighted detection, and select 'Check All Items'.
  • Next, click 'Remove Selected'. That should address the PUP entries.

If you want to keep/ignore the PUP detections, because they are familiar to you and you use them, you can add them to the Ignore List.

If you want to edit the way PUP detections are reported and handled, you can edit the MBAM settings, as described below:

  • Open Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, click the 'Settings' tab.
  • Click the 'Scanner Settings' tab
  • Click the menu bar for each and select one of the following options: "Do not show results in list", "Show in results list and check for removal", or "Show in results list and do not check for removal".
  • When done, click the 'Exit' button

These are also explained in this recent blog post: http://blog.malwarebytes.org/news/2013/09/selecting-all-pups/
Hope this helps,

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  • Root Admin

Conduit itself is not an immediate threat however in my own testing I've found that it will sooner or later bring up search suggestions that will in fact put you into contact with sites that will try to infect your computer and without Conduit you'd never have run into these type of sites on your own.


You can open a ticket on the Helpdesk and have someone in support help you or post in the other forum and have one of the trained Helpers help you with this.


Thanks again

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  • Root Admin

I've replied to your post in the removal forum.   Conduit is a framework that allows vendors to easily create toolbars to attempt to monetize some type of perceived feature of searching or other that the user might want or need such as free music downloads - the user installs it and it won't be long before they're here or a similar site looking to get their computer cleaned up from an infection.


This link though posted making fun of these adware programs does show what they do



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  • Root Admin

No one said you were.  Have you installed ANY free software in the past year?  If so unless you watched very carefully what you were doing then it may have installed it for you.


Having old and outdated plugins like Acrobat Reader, Flash, Java, etc can also make it very easy to infect your computer without you even knowing it or installing something on purpose.


Please follow the directions in the other topic and we'll get you cleaned up.


Thanks again

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