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Please check my minidump file.


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No.  It is not related to the Power supply Unit (PSU).


If the CPU heats up it is a function of activity.  Greater activity means greater current draw and thus heat losses also increase.  If one is apt in Electronics, one *may* be able to...

1.  Remove the video card from the PC

2.  Remove the heat sink from the GPU

3.  Remove the heat sink compound from the GPU and Heat sink.

4.  Reapply a thin layer of new heat sink compound

5.  Remount heat sink

6.  Verify proper GPU fan operation


It is something the average person should not do unless they are trained, experienced and comfortable with this level of service.

If you are not, you have have to just make sure the fan is clean of dust and debris and is in working order and there is proper air flow in the chassis.


All this is ASSUMING that the heating problem is a direct cause of the BSoD condition.

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I think so too, i reached 96 celsius but no Bsod, i cleaned the gpu till the fan only, I didn't remove the cooling fins...I have an Uncle whose an electrician, he knows how to apply heat sink, I'm gonna ask him tomorrow, and gonna be back here later the night because I have a health check up. wish to hear from you later on and thank you very much.

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OK. Sounds good.


Basically the Heat Sink Compound is used to transfer heat from the component to the heat sink.  The heat sink dissipates the heat and the air flow from the fan removes it.  Anything we do that improves the heat transfer will mean a reduction in the noted GPU temperature and hopefully mitigate the BSoD condition.

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a little google search shows that these boards tend to run a bit on the hot side .

if the video card has not been "touched" ... i would suggest contacting nvidia (or the manufacturer of the board) and explain the problem .

there may be a recall or an exchange program in place ... removing the heat sink may void any warranty .

if there is no satisfaction from nvidia ... then try re-gooping the gpu heat sink .

also ... what is the case temperature ? do you gave good airflow in and out of the case ?

(the cooling fan on this graphics card is substantial ... but poor airflow in and out of the case raises the chance of overheating)

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