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page hijacked by eBay?

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Hi All


I have probably been noticing this for a while but put it down to "fat-fingering" on my part. Today, it was so noticeable I followed through. I'm studying Ancient Greek and use the Perseus Tufts site (http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/) and its invaluable help tool, the "Greek Word Study Tool". It's a finicky business, and there's nothing that makes you want to immolate the next marketer you come across as having the page you're really having to concentrate on to read suddenly be replaced by an ad for eBay.


I use Firefox, so when this had happened a few times, I thought my cursor must have gone wandering and somehow activated the eBay link onthe Bookmarks toolbar. I went into Firefox's Options and closed the bookmarks toolbar, then into Bookmarks and deleted everything on the page (Yes, I was seriously p...d!)


Then I went back to work, noticing only then the mini-icon on the Word Tool tab! It wasn't the "little running man" of Perseus, but the multi-coloured shopping bag of eBay! I closed the tab and re-opened a Word Tool tab from the main page link - no Shopping-bag!


I'm assuing I (and probably many) have some widget that grabs a page and programs it to flip to someone's ad. I imagine also that it's not one, but one of a family of such software. I'm aware MBAM (I have the paid-up is getting aggressive on PUPs and hope it really is. Back to the phenomenon I described above. Is this being experienced by others? Is it the result of a PUP or user "fat-fingering"?


All advice appreciated.





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Hi, ausgumbie: :)
It's impossible to say for sure without seeing the MBAM scan logs, but....
It sounds as if you might have some adware and/or malware on the system.
You're also running an older version of the program --  v.1.70 was released in Dec 2012.
The current version is 1.75
I would suggest first that you update the program -- open MBAM from your desktop shortcut > settings tab > updater settings > ensure that both boxes for download/install of a new program update are enabled.
Then click the update tab > click the Check for updates button.
Allow MBAM to update.
Run a Quick Scan.
(Alternatively, you can follow the steps for a clean upgrade here: MBAM Clean Removal Process)
For PUPs, the default setting is to "show in results but do not check for removal".
If you want to change the settings so that PUPs will be automatically shown in results AND checked for removal, please follow the instructions in this blog post before you run the scan.
>>>Having said all that, you may need additional tools to remove all the adware/malware on the system.

We don't work on malware removal here in this forum section.

So, I would suggest that you please follow the recommendations in this pinned topic: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.
A malware analyst will guide you through the scanning and cleanup process.




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Thanks daledoc1


Unfortunately, still in throes of Uni work so I'm going to have to take this a bit at a time.


I followed your first suggestion "I would suggest first that you update the program -- open MBAM from ... Run a Quick Scan." (i.e., it updated OK and I've just done a quick scan on Database version: v2013.09.25.09).


The About tab still showed v1.70 after the update so I'm not sure how to get it to v1.75 unless that's covered by one of the following procedures which I'll start on this evening. (*NB both the boxes in Updater Settings had already been enabled when I went in there).


Anyhoo, I'll let you know how the next steps go.


Until then, again, many thanks



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OK, thanks for the update.
Well, I'm not sure why it's not updating the program, if you have both of those boxes ticked/enabled. :(
Unless one of the staff has a better idea, the best bet at this point probably would be to do a clean upgrade to v.1.75.
Please follow the steps in this pinned topic:  MBAM Clean Removal Process

It will only take a few minutes.

Let us know if that gets you updated OK.

If it doesn't, the staff will need you to run some scans to find out what's going on (infection, software conflict, etc).
As far as the popups and redirects, that will require some guided assistance from the malware experts, as advised here: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.


Hope this helps,



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Hi daledoc1


OK. I managed to complete the clean re-install to 1.75 and get the latest database and I've got a full scan running now (It's found one object so far which is always encouraging)..


Side observation. Don't know whether it was a coincidence but a few minutes ago when I tried to impart this news to you, I couldn't log into MWB forums, then (closing and restarting Firefox) couldn't launch the MWB forums page! (Either on Firefox OR on Chrome). Went away for a few minutes to swear at the sky then came back and everything's ok again, hence I'm writing to you.


I will check out the link for popups and redirects you provided - the new version may pick up the culprit and sort it or not but you can never have too much knowledge in this regard.


Many thanks for your help



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