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[SOLVED] Problems with portable browsers


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I use portable versions of most web browsers, rather than the installed version, because I use multiple Windows profiles and I want my browser settings to be the same for all. It's easier than syncing bookmarks and prefs for several browsers. I find it very useful to have multiple browsers. One browser can be dedicated to specific purpose. In other cases, I will switch from one to another if there are problems with downloads or odd webpage behavior.


At first everything seemed all right, but then the foo hit the fan. The worst hit were Pale Moon (an optimized Firefox version) and Opera. I had just updated my portable Pale Moon, and it would not start, giving me this message:


palemoon.exe - Unable To Locate Component
This application has failed to start because MSVCP110.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.


The DLL was there, and perfectly all right. I checked MDA5 hashes, wiped and re-installed, tried to registered the DLL manually, all to no avail.


Opera would not start either. I had to laugh when it told me that "Opera crashed while trying to show the crash dialogue for a previous crash." The message continued with:

A crash log was created here:


There is no such directory. This looked to me like something was not playing nice with portables! When another program communicates in certain ways with the portable browsers, they can "forget" that they are portable. (Sorry, my vocabulary is inadequate here.) A portable install needs some special handling. You can't, for instance, update a portable browser through its update dialog; that will break it badly. So I deduced that the browser was getting "confused" by something external.


Firefox Portable just hung for an agonizingly long time, and I had to kill the process.


More than one attempt was made to run each browser, with temp cleanups and a reboot to reduce the possibility of corruped cache and cookie influence.


I suspected MBAE, since it was the only newly changed factor I could think of that they all had in common. After a few controlled experiments, trying to start the browsers with and without MBAE running, it was clear that Anti-Exploit was the culprit. When it was not running, everything proceeded normally.


There was no difficulty with my fully installed default, Avant Browser. I did see some hesitation in IE (which I only use for testing things and for wheedling files from Microsoft on occasion).


That's all for now.

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  • Staff

Thanks for reporting and welcome to the forum!


In terms of Pale Moon and Avant, this should not have anything to do with MBAE as those browsers are not supported by MBAE.


In terms of Opera and Firefox, what is the executable name of the portable versions. Are they still opera.exe and firefox.exe?


Lastly, what version of MBAE is installed. Is it the latest

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The portable versions have a (browsername)portable.exe loader which starts the (browsername).exe process; so, yes, there are a Firefox.exe and Opera.exe that MBAE would be dealing with.

Pale Moon may not be "supported", but it was definitely affected. However, it only happened when a newer version was started while MBAE was running. Now it's all right. [scratches head] There are some subtle ways in which it identifies itelf as Firefox.

Oddly, Firefox is not affected now either, but Opera is still allergic to MBAE -- dies immediately unless I shut it down.

Yes, the latest version of MBAE - - is installed. Very well-behaved it is, aside from bullying the portables - lol.

One other thing, I should give some details about my system.

Vista Home Premium x64
Normal user has no admin privileges, using Emerge Desktop as shell. Other Windows accounts are admin.

At first it was a problem that MBAE can only be run as admin, since I wanted it to run at boot in my unprivileged user account. I made a run-as loader, using AutoHotKey, to run MBAE at startup. (It's a compiled exe, to avoid exposing the password in a plain-text script.) Works perfectly.

I think I'll keep MBAE running for a while again, and see what happens. Opera is only used rarely for getting around special problems.

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  • Staff

I'm guessing this is Opera 12.x and not the latest based on Chrome?


We are about to release a new version of MBAE which uses a different technique for the memory checks. It sounds to me like that could be the culprit of the problems you are having. Please keep an eye on this forum for announcement of the new version and try that one instead. It should be released in 2 or 3 weeks if it performs well during QA checks.

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