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Junction Dysfunction by Raymond Chen


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The article mentioned...


"Windows 2000 settled on Documents and Settings, which provided a reasonably descriptive name for the directory but failed to take other factors into account."

and the MAX_PATH limitation for Win32 path names.


I ran-up against that all too often when backing up, restoring and porting users.  Take a name like...

"C:\Documents and Settings\David.H.Lipman\Documents"

That's 47 characters used up and the data hasn't even been defined yet.


My solution would be to use the SUBTitute command with something like...

SUBST Y: "C:\Documents and Settings\David.H.Lipman\Documents"


Then I could manipulate the data using "Y:" with less chance of bumping up against the MAX_PATH limitation.


C:\users  Certainly fixed that issue.

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yeah ... it seems that some of the path names have gotten longer over the years while others have remained on the short side .

i ran into some problems with path/file names that were too long when retrieving files/data from crashed HDs ...

i have no real idea as to why as both systems were 64 bit ... the fast answer was to remove letters (mostly vowels) until the name was "accepted" .


heh , with one drive the data contained stories ... the file name was actually the first "real" sentence in the story with an underscore between words .

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