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30 Minute Quick Scan

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No. 30 minutes is not quick is it? When I said scanning quickly in my OP i was referring to that scanning step that is done seconds before the scanning is completed. In fact, when I originally installed the program it was taking about 9 minutes. I reinstalled and I'm still getting 30 minute scans now.

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Scan times vary from computer to computer depending on many factors such as computer speed, installed memory, how many files you have on your computer, just to name a few. Also I don't know when you first installed Malwarebytes, but if its been a while, Malwarebytes has gone through many changes, one of which it now scans zip files. This in turn will increase the time it takes to scan, due to it now having to scan inside of zipped files.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks, but I think that the PC is slow for some reason and thus Malwarebytes is also slow. The PC was infected with several trojans that I got rid of but I suspect there are more that I haven't found and the system is most likely corrupted to some extent anyway. Thanks again.

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In addition to DHL & Firefox's expert suggestions...


If the rig is slow, it could be for a number of reasons, including residual malware/damage from malware.


You might want to take a look at the suggestions in this pinned topic: Slow PC? - Start Here


And, for free, expert help with scanning for and cleaning up malware, please follow the recommendations in this pinned topic: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.
A malware analyst will guide you through the cleanup process.



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