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Anyone Here Good With Surround Sound Hookups?


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Hey guys need some help and since i use these forums a lot for pc stuff, though maybe someone here is also tech savvy with av stuff.

I have a shaw HD digital cable box
5.1 CH Samsung 3D Blu ray surround system
Samsung UN60F7100 60-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D HDTV

Now the way i have things hooked up now, when i am on a digital 5.1 channel on my cable box, i am getting only 2 channel sound, from the center speaker and the subwoofer. when  should be getting 5.1 since the tv channels i am on support 5.1 etc. I assume i need to use the ARC setup but i am a little confused how to do it. The surround system has HDMI in and out and does support arc. The samsung tv has HDMI 2 set as the arc functioner. So how should i hook things up to get it going in 5.1 sound when watching tv via my hd cable box? Any help appreciated

P.S. - If any more info is required for any of the above devices feel free to let me know smile.gif

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I would think 5.1 audio is dependent on the audio amplifier. 

That should have standard RCA Left and Right audio in or S/PDIF (RCA or FO).  The amplifier drives the; front pair speakers, rear pair speakers and sub woofer and you would set the audio interpretation on the audio amplifier.

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