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Patches for IE 10 available yet?


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Good mrning everyone,


     The Secunia PSI program on my computer indicates that manual updates are needed for IE 10 (32 bit & 64 bit).  This just showed up this morning.


My questions:


1.  Are updates/patches for IE 10 done through Windows Update in the Control Panel?


2.  Are the patches actually available now?  (A manual check of my Windows Update indicates there are no updates available.  Last updates were done shortly after patch Tuesday, last week).


Thanks very much for your time, review, and any info.

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Hi, EagleEye:


1. Yes, they are.


2. If you are told you are up-to-date on a manual check, then you very most likely are.  MS does throttle their patches, but I suspect the IE10 patches to which you refer were part of last week's Patch Tuesday release, as there were patches for IE (all flavors), such as KB2870699

You can check your Update History to verify that this patch is installed.

FWIW Secunia is NOT always accurate, current or up-to-date.  So, it might well be "behind" in its recommendation?


MS has re-issued corrected versions of several of last week's patches, but I don't think KB2870699 was one of the bad ones.


It can't hurt to do a manual check for updates once in a while.

But as long as you have Windows Updates configured to check automatically, it will phone home at least once a day.

If you are up to date, then you are up to date and I wouldn't fret.


The more expert members may have some additional information.





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I appreciate the info...especially about Secunia, daledoc!


     WU is configured to automatically check for updates, and the status indicated it last checked yesterday afternoon.  Like you said...I did a manual check just to be sure.  I did experience issues with those last updates being offered repeatedly shortly after patch Tuesday, but was able to resolve that problem, after viewing posts made by others having the same one.  (IMy problem only involved the update for MS Excel 2003).  Uninstalled MS Office 2003 & just use Office 2010 now.


[EDIT]:  The KB update you mentioned was installed on 9/10 according to the update history.


Thanks very much again! :)



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Yes, the "bad" patches were (nearly) exclusively related to various versions of Office and its components (Excel, Outlook).

AFAIK I don't think the IE patch was defective or reissued.


If you have the IE patch in question, I would presume you are OK.

Since this is the MBAM forum, though, if you are still concerned you might obtain more specific info re: Windows patches at the MS forum?? <just a thought>




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