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How do I download without downloading a downloader?

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The question:

Is there somewhere I can download Malwarebytes Pro (MB) without having to download a program to download the program (MB)?


The Reason:

I know why cNet and ilk like them force one to download their program that lets us download MB's program. I'm not interested in giving them all the info they want, nor give up information to the 5 trackers they plug us in to once we hit their site.


I'm surprised MB would partner up with the likes of cNet. I would strongly urge MB to at least do what some anti-virus sellers do and make the full download hard to find, but available non-the-less.


MB has competition, and some allow choices - either one goes to the likes of cNet or others using downloads to download a download), or by checking, download from places that don't force visitors to their downloader to download a program.


MB, if it doesn't have direct downloading, should announce it big time when they realize thier losses.  Many do not not want to be anayzed by download programs. They just want to install without being peeked, poked and prodded.




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Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware


There is no downloader that you download and that downloads Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM).


Malwarebytes does not allow mirrors and vendors like C/Net to bundle other 'wares with MBAM.

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In addition to DHL's excellent, expert advices, there are other mirror sites for the download, if you prefer.


Where can I download the latest version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware?

(My personal preference is the bleepingcomputer site.)


Hope this helps,



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My thanks to you both.  While I prefere to download from the source, and don't understand why not, except perhaps the cost to MB. I wonder - what would be more costly, the commissions to the dloader sites, or bandwidth.



I appreciate all the links you provided and that will probably help many others who search for places to DL MB.  Myself, I avoid them as much as possible. Any website that has to use trickery to get people to download trialware doesn't get my business. There is no reason to state "Your download will begin shortly..."  It's a stall tactic toi get people top read their other 'downloads'.


That is why I liked Mbam - because there is no 'free download' (who charges???), and the free, and trial versions don't spend a lot of time scanning and to fix problem, buy it. Your program actually let's us try it as if it were paid for. It's why I bought it.  That, and it's a good program.


thanks again... Got a un-bundled copy now.



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I am just a forum volunteer and home user, like yourself. :)


But perhaps this KB topic answers your question:

Why do you use download sites such as CNET, FileForumBeta and others? They sometimes have bad reputations


While it's wise and prudent to be cautious, I think you may be overstating things a bit to assume that there is "trickery" at all of the MBAM mirror sites.


<just sayin'>


Glad you found what you were looking for.


Kind regards,



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