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PUP removal

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I have used the free version for YEARS and lately have had an influx of the PUP malware--it takes over my browser and makes it "float"..I can almost tell immediately when one creeps in.


Yesterday I decided to activate the trial PRO---so far I am thrilled with it (and will more than likely purchase)---BUT - and it's a BIG BUT---why is this still getting thru ---I scan and find and remove  and next scan it's back----PRO is NOT stopping it.Also-since I activated PRO this is not going into quarantine  (or is it supposed to??) 


 I know I am not REAL computer literate but I manage!

This is what I keep getting (and why isn't it stopped??)


C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\roboot.exe (PUP.Optional.PCPerformer.A) -> No action taken.
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No worries :)


The log info is the give away tho.


No action taken means an item was detected but it was not selected for removal.


I just removed and this was the FIRST time since I activated PRO it required a PC restart---thank you so much for your help---you look at something so many times and once you pereive it incorrectly--it stays that way!!!  lol :blush:

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