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MBAE and Sandboxie


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Just a small question about MBAE...


I am currently running Firefox in a sandox but I have noticed that when I do so MBAE does not seem to be doing anything.

When Firefox is running with sanboxie there is no reference to Firefox being protected in the MBAE logs. It's almost as if Firefox is 'invisible' to MBAE when running sandboxed.


Does this mean that Sandboxie and MBAE will not run together ?


And if I'm using sandboxie is there any point / added benefit in running MBAE alongside it ?


Any advice / information would be much appreciated.


Thanks. :)

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Quoting Curt AT Invincea from http://forums.sandboxie.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=19132#p101944


"I do not know what the issues are with MBAE. In searching their forum..., I see that they state that Sbie is blocking them from injecting into the sandbox. I am not sure what they mean by this as Sbie does no such blocking. There are many other AV and security apps that can see & inject into sandboxed apps just fine.

No one from Malwarebytes has contacted Invincea. They must have been only dealing with Ronen"
[who left Sandboxie several months ago].




Perhaps an effort should be made to reach out to him   I believe many users here desire (and would benefit from) a mutually-satisfactory solution to this conflict.

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  • Staff

Yes it would be nice to make both compatible. MBAE by itself without Sandboxie works well with a very few exceptions such as EMET, but it would be nice to get a contact at Invincea to work with. Can you please send them my email address to contact me (pbustamante at malwarebytes dot org)?



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I really hope you and curt@invincia can work together to resolve this issue.


Each product offers a unique and valuable layer of defence - together they could be formidable.

From the many requests both here and over at the Sandboxie forums there is clearly a desire from users to be able to use both products.

Therefore it is in the interests of both companies to co-operate.

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