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Live map/Live malware outbreak information


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Security company F-Secure has something in place publicly to share current threat data (based on their customer feedback channels of course): http://worldmap3.f-secure.com , http://globe.f-secure.com

I was wondering if the Malwarebytes team might consider putting something like this in place for the public (or at the very least business partners) to access.


Real-time data like this can very useful to look at just to get a sense of what’s going on at a given time. Also, it could be a handy marketing tool…let me explain. So, here in our office (I work for an IT management company), we have a big screen TV mounted in our meeting area that we usually have some type of IT security related information on (usually the F-Secure map, or the Honey Map http://map.honeycloud.net/).


Not only are they informative for us, they “look neat” and clients often ask “what is that and what does it mean”. We explain to them that it represents some aspects of what the current threat landscape looks like. Then, we proceed to explain the importance of security software, firewalls, mail security etc. and start to discuss the ThreatTrack, GFI and Malwarebytes solutions that we offer. I just think it would be awesome to have something like this to display in our office and share with clients (and potential clients) from Malwarebytes (I personally spoke with the CEO at ThreatTrack recently about the idea and he liked the idea and is talking about it with his team) since we are dedicated partners and are commited to deploying Malwarebytes business and enterprise to all of our clients!

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