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UAC permission


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I have just bought Malwarebytes PRO and there's a little thing that annoys me a lot.


Malwarebytes always need the UAC permission to start, event when the Filesystem Protection and Website Blocking are enabled. 


UAC example (from Wikipedia) when I start Malwarebytes :




Why does the program need my "authorization" each time I want to start the scanner?

The program ALREADY have the permission, the real-time scan is running...


Thanks for your time.



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That is normal. :)


MBAM needs that administrative level of permissions in order to do its job properly - that prompt is from Windows, and it's a normal feature in Vista and above.


It only takes a second to click "OK".


One of the staff may have some additional information on this.






Hey, thanks for the reply daleduc1. Of course it's normal :P.


But I was wondering why it is required? I mean the real-time scan ALREADY have administrative rights (I mean I guess so to quarantine a process or block a TCP/IP connection) so why Malwarebytes ask me for administrative rights when I start the scanner then!? (Right click on the tray icon / "Star scanner").


For instance, I use Comodo Internet Security Free as a security suit with your application, and the program already have administrative rights and never "ask" for administrative rights if I want to start a manual scan. (It's just an example...).

An other example, CCleaner have an option (In Options/Advanced -> "Skip user account control warning"). I think they use a schedule task to skip it.


Hope it's more details. Sorry if my english is rough.

Thanks for your time,


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  • Root Admin

If you install the program with Admin rights and setup automated scheduling for updates and scans then it will be completely silent to you.

If you don't register it and / or run it manually then that is the way it runs and it will prompt because you're own credentials are the one that is prompting to run it instead of the system and is quite normal. 


If you follow the directions here and reinstall cleanly and then register the program and set it up for scheduled updates and scanning then you won't need to manually run it.


MBAM Clean Removal Process

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