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Mbam stuck on \winsxs\

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I really like Malwarebytes, it's quick (when running quick scan...), and has good definitions. The problem is, my Mbam full scan never finishes. It doesn't hang up on anything, but it can never get through the huge \Windows\winscs\ folder. I find no option to tell Mbam to skip this folder when scanning, and I was wondering if you guys could suggest anything?



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Greetings SquareWheel and welcome :D.

What anti-virus software do you use? The reason I ask is because MBAM has a known issue with certain Norton products and I suspect this may be at the heart of the issue. Also, what version of MBAM are you using? The current is 1.35, and I do recall an older version (1.32 or 1.33) had an issue with scanning certain folders at times (including winsxs).

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I'm always trying out different Anti-Virus, the programs installed at the moment are Ad-Aware Free and Spyboy S&D. The Spybot background process is not running though, although the Ad-Aware one is. I've also downloaded Avast to try out, but it was not installed when I ran this scan.

I'd never let a Norton product on my computer. :D Thanks for the welcome!

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You're welcome for the welcome :D . I'd say give the instructions here a shot and see if that fixes it. You can download the latest version from any of the following locations:





Hopefully that'll get you fixed up, if not then please contact the helpdesk. Note: You'll need to create a registration for the helpdesk system to create a support ticket as it doesn't use the same login info as the forum here.

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