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How good is it?

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About a ½ year ago, I was a complete retard with computers. Now that I've informed myself more about cyber-threats etc., I've gotten paranoid about RATs and other such infections. What makes me super-paranoid is a link, I clicked back then. I was wise enough to disconnect form my internet immediately and run the AV- and anti-spyware-programs I had back then. If that happened now, I've would reinstalled the whole system. 


Anyhow, months passed, I changed my computer and then I got this worry about my private information being somewhere. I searched for my name in TOR-network and found nothing. Then I dug out the old computer, installed a bunch of AV-programs to it in offline mode. I did a check with AVG, Sophos, Microsoft Security Tools, Malwarebytes and Malwarebytes anti-rootkit. I did a full scan with all these programs and they came up with some different results, but nothing too worrying: Altogether I found 3-4 PUPs, that had propably come with legitimate programs. Anti-rootkit didn't find any hidden files. I also went through all my running programs, and checked their location. All in the approriate places. I checked to see what programs were connected to which places; nothing uncommon.


The only actual thing that would've suggested, that my computer was compromised, was the fact that it was running slow. This, however, I believe, was due to it being an old hardware and having only a little memory. No spam-emails from me, no weird log-in details in Facebook. My bank-account details have been safe.


What I've come to understand is that most of the cyber-stalking and RATting is done by script-kiddies, so Malwarebytes would propably detect those programs, since they are so common these days.


So anyhow: how powerful is Malwarebytes in detecting RATs and Trojans in general? What's Malwarebytes detection-rate?

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