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Is it possible? Help please.

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First one must understand what a "virus" is.  Today that word is misused, abused and thrown about in a totally misperceived fashion  Viruses are a small sector of malicious software where all malicious software are deemed "malware".  There are a few subtypes of malware;  Exploits, Viruses and Trojans.  To be a "virus" the code must self replicate and spread autonomously.  If the malicious code can NOT spread autonomously then it would be in the sub-type of Trojan.  If the code is meant to "exploit" a software vulnerability then the malware falls into a sub-type of Exploit.  There is malware that possess multiple characteristics.such as an Internet Worm like the Lovsan/Blaster Worm that exploited a vulnerability in the RPC/RPCSS of the Windows OS via TCP port 135 and would inject malicious code into the vulnerable PC.  The now infected PC would then repeat that process to other computers on a network.  Thus spreading the malware autonomously.


That being said...  I'll address media content files which includes MP3 files..  Audio, Music and Video file formats can contain Exploit code and perform trojan activity.  One such trojan is called the "Wimad Trojan".  Wimad trojans often exploit the Windows Digital Rights Management (DRM) service.


So in short, media content files such as MP3 can be malicious.





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I kinda messed up,i meant,unless the MP3 file was designed to exploit (find a vulnerability ; a weakness in Windows Media Player that can result a malware (see David's post) to infect the system) Windows Media Player,it won't do any harm


Not quite. As David mentioned, an MP3 file wouldn't necessarily need to exploit a vulnerability to drop or launch malware, it all depends on how the MP3 was bound with the malicious file in question.

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