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sniffing out duplicate files in multiple folders


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Over the last year or so I've been slowly curating a collection of music I like, with the goal of having a 2 GB archive divided by category (not genre) into folders. Part of the idea is any time I get a new media player or device with a memory card, I have this "pack" ready as a starting point.


I know that it will never be "finished" because I'll keep finding new music and wanting to swap songs in and out, but now that I've reached 2.53 GB I want to start trimming down. The first step will be eliminating duplicates. See, since it's been an ongoing project, I fear I may have "collected" some of the songs more than once, putting them under multiple categories. For example, while I know I've put any They Might Be Giants songs under "alternative etc", and any Beatles songs under "oldies", I saw "Song 2" by Blur and realized I could have put it under "alternative etc", "hard rock & metal" or "rock & pop". I checked and there was only one copy, but of course that makes me wonder how many other songs might fit more than one folder. Is there an easy tool to compare several folders and see if they have any files in common?

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