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Wishlist for Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit [PLEASE READ]


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I just want to suggest some additional feature before Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit make it's very first non-BETA version.


  • Can you add additional applications like Maxthon Cloud Browser to the protected files?.. Several users doesn't prefer to use  Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and even Google Chrome...To be more general, how if there is a feature in MBAE that allows users to browse and select the executable files of the applications that MBAE will protect.
  • Will you agree with me if the Website Blocking thing that MBAM Pro have will moved into MBAE?Or maybe not move but will add that feature in Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit also. I said "move" in my first statement because it will be redundant if MBAM and MBAE have the same feature and they are running at the same time
  •  Browser SandboxCloud-based engine? Just to add an additional layer of protection (more likely the features I suggest here will turn MBAE in a simple antivirus program and not just an anti-exploit program anymore. LOL :P )


NOTE: Sorry if I am suggesting to much. I know programming a security program is very hard. It is just a suggestion (I will understand if not a single thing in my wish will turn reality) , but I will appreciate it very much in my entire lifetime if you came up in considering my suggestions for the future features of Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit. I've been using MBAM Pro ever-since I had my very first laptop (2 years ago).




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Maybe cause you're asking paid features for a free program.

Maybe you are right...but not 100% correct... 360 Internet Security offers cloud-based and sandboxing, and 360 IS is completely free. MBAE is a free program because it is still on BETA. But sooner or later it will become a paid security program.

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Hello Malwarebytes...I just want to tell you guys that your support team sucks... I've been waiting for feedbacks,etc for almost 3 weeks. but none except a single reply is the only thing I got (but unfortunately, that reply was deleted maybe by the one that post it). I won't buy your products anymore even though they are good...cause you guys SUCKS at pleasing and caring about your customers. I just discovered EMET 4.0 and it is a lot better anti-exploit that your MBAE...programmers of MBAE should not waste your time programming a program that needs tons of improvement...sorry for the harsh words...I am really disappointed. I am a loyal user of Malwarebytes products for almost 3 years.

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  • Staff

Hi cyberpau, sorry for the late reply, my fault.


First off let me start by saying that MBAE includes multiple protection layers against exploits, both in Stage 1 as well as Stage 2. Other products such as EMET only include stage 1 protection so if that is bypassed you're out of luck. Having MBAE provides more comprehensive protection.


In terms of your suggestions:

  • Adding other browsers and applications to the list of protected software. During the beta phase we are more concerned about finishing the engine and going 1.0 than covering many more applications. Once we go final we will start adding more applications to the list of protected software.
  • Website blocking: it is not currently in the plans to add website blocking to MBAE. The way it currently is in MBAM is perfect as it complements the anti-malware component and increases your protection. MBAE will still to be a generic protection against exploits, without blacklists, whitelists or sandboxing.
  • Adding cloud-based engine or sandbox is outside the scope of MBAE. The objective is to be a very small yet very powerful generic protection against exploits. For AV/AM features please turn to MBAM.

Hope I clarified your doubts and again sorry for the late reply.

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To be more general, how if there is a feature in MBAE that allows users to browse and select the executable files of the applications that MBAE will protect.




I believe you misunderstand what MBAE really does.   It blocks known exploits of the software listed in MBAE's shield's tab.  What is used by Exploit Kits to infect computers through outdated or compromised software. Inbound Attacks.  Users need no access to anything like that




Will you agree with me if the Website Blocking thing that MBAM Pro have will moved into MBAE?




Nope and same reason as above. MBam works perfect as it's designed to do as I'm sure MBAE will be also. 




But sooner or later it will become a paid security program.




Could be, but one I would gladly pay for. Been with Mbam since version 1.2 ( Still have the CD )

As pbust said



sorry for the late reply


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Most if not all Antivirus software do not block a Exploit Kit.   They may detect the heuristics of one, but they do not block it to begin with.

Introduced in one of the latest versions, was to test this suggestion, to see if your antivirus software would actually block a Exploit

To Access the Test, go to:

  • Computer
  • C drive
  • Program Files
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit
  • Double click the Mbae-test to launch the test

And follow the onscreen instructions

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