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Adobe Patches: Flash, Shockwave, Air, Reader/Acrobat


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As our usual trusty Software Updater Mod is limping along with computer problems this week, I'll just briefly mention that Adobe is patching nearly all of their stuff today.
I can't do justice to Shy's posts, so I'll only provide the links.


Adobe Security Bulletins Posted


Security updates available for Adobe Reader and Acrobat

Security update available for Adobe Shockwave Player

Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player   (Be sure to update the different versions for all your different browsers!)

Adobe Air


So, when you're done with all your M$ Patch Tuesday patches, you can have even more fun with Adobe! :angry:








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Thanks DD.. I appreciate yours (and Dave's) heads up.. Hopefully Gordon will update the Software topics as I'm leaving your post here until the Software topics get updated by someone. ;)


For the time-being, your post here is all the notification there'll be.


Cheers.. and thanks again,



EDIT: I no longer have the powers to LOCK or PIN here (or MOVE) so feel free to bump as needed to keep it visible.

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Nothing but troubles today with the new Adobe Flash and our payroll site.   The joys of computing


That's a bummer.

If YOU'RE having issues, then we home users are doomed. :(


Actually, Flash updates went smoothly for me (at least something worked properly this Patch day).


Just curious, do you clean upgrade?

For several years (dating back to the "old days" of Macromedia) I got into the habit on the advice of the Fx gurus at mozillaZine forum of running the Flash uninstaller each time.

Then I download the offline .exe installers (one for active X, one for plug-ins) and run them.

(I used to reboot the system after running the uninstaller, but haven't found that to be necessary for quite a while.)


With that procedure, <knocks on wood>, I haven't had a serious Flash problem for a long time.

(OK, I just jinxed myself.)


YMMV and I presume I'm hauling coals to Newcastle even to post this. :D



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