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Amtso.org Cloud Lookups

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Hi, I used amtso.org to test my firewall's and anti-virus programs I use.  They all passed.

However when it came to test 5, the antimalware test, Cloud Lookups.  Malwarebytes failed :( 


I'm using the Pro version of the software, does Malwarebytes have this function or will it be implemented soon?



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So-Called "Cloud" concepts are nothing but Hype and Marketing.


Since Malwarebytes has not "bought in" to this Hype, its not a pertinent test.


What counts is the IP protection schema and the ability to detect and remove malware and the changes they make to the OS.


Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (MBAM) is not an anti-virus application.  It is a product that targets non-viral malware and leaves Malicious Scripts, Exploit Code and file infecting Viruses relegated to traditional anti virus applications.  As such, MBAM is not a replacement for an anti-virus application, it is a adjunct, complimentary application.  The use of MBAM and a fully installed anti-virus has a much broader spectrum of protection and cure than either one alone.


What is important is not "in the cloud" but here, grounded to Earth, on your computer.



For any test to be valid, the test must be applicable to the tested subject.

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