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BarcaMail false positive?


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I'm using Windows 7 64-bit home premium.


I have been using Barca Mail 2 from Poco Systems for years, and it is now a program no longer under development or supported. It is a very effective email and PIM, with many safety features, including the ability to look at email before downloading it, a sandbox that does not rely on IE to look at formatted mail, and the ability to have multiple contact books. That's useful to me because I use several names in my professional life (the one I use here is my pen name)


I'm really unhappy that Barca is no longer supported, because it has proven to be quite useful to me. I still have the installation file and the registration number.


I opened Barca Mail about 7 or 8 times today. Then I installed a security update from Microsoft for the OS. After that, when I clicked on the Barca icon, I got a "missing file" error message. Panic stricken, I looked at the Barca folder in the (86) program folder, and most of it was missing, including executables.


So I went to the restore point from just before the update, rebooted, held my breath, swallowed hard tto get my heart out of my mouth, and suddenly, Malwarebytes said it prevented the program from opening because of a trojan. The MWB log file had this:


Alan OldStudent    DETECTION    C:\Program Files (x86)\Barca2\Barca.exe    Trojan.Utanioz    QUARANTINE


I suspected that this was actually not a trojan but a false positive, as I had run it successfully just 20 minutes previously, and the only change I made to my system was the Windows patch update. So I restored it, and all seems to be running fine so far.


I'm working under some really onerous deadlines currently, and reinstalling Barca could be a HUGE pain in the south end as I am headed north. I could attachl a copy of the executable if desired to a followup message if this would not violate any copyright laws. 


Please advise





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Well, I'm not very happy with Malwarebytes. Running barca2 on Windows 7 32 bit, I installed Malwarebytes and it has destroyed my Barca and seems unable to restore it. The worst of the problem is that three years of emails have gone down the drain it seems. finding false positives with a program that has been around as long as Barca is extremely disappointing. I hope you have some answers as I haven't been as lucky as alan_old student it seems.

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I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused for you.

You don't have to worry about your mails being lost though. What was deleted was the barca.exe which don't contain your mails at all, but is just the main executable to launch barca. Normally you should be able to restore it from quarantine though.

Your mails should be under your useraccount\appdata\barca folder, so even if you reinstall Barca again, it should lauch all your mails and settings from that location.

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Thanks for your reply Mieke. If all that was deleted was the barce.exe then it follows that a fresh install of barca into a new directory, (probably on my E drive as barca is currently on C) would allow me to copy the barca.exe over to the original installation and preserve all my settings. This has them advantage of keeping it on the c drive as well. Would you aggree with my thinking or do you think I may have it wrong?

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I to love Barca 2 and have used it for a long time. You do not need to re-install Barca 2. Go to Quarantine and and hit Restore All, Then do not launch Barca yet, but go to Ignore List, hit Add, and navigate to C;\Program Files (x86)\Barca2\Barca.exe which should now be back in the folder. Hit ok. Now, when you launch Barca 2, Malewarebytes will not re-quarantine Barca which is what is occurring. :)   After that, update Malewarebytes which should have the fix.

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Thank you Mieke for the help and the barca.exe file. That file was missing and replacing it with the new one was all that was needed. I must express my appreciation for help received from Russ Harvey of http://www.russharvey.bc.ca/resources/pocomail.html. He helped me get better understanding of things and that has been a big help as well.


Thank you franciscottzimmer for your comments. Malwarebytes wasn't able to restore the file as it had already deleted it. I can only presume that I may have hit delete when I should have hit restore.

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