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Strongest wifi security?


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Hi, I was messing about on my router page so I could get my old handheld to connect and I had to set the security to  WPA-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access Pre-Shared Key) for a time. I have now set it back to WPA/WPA2-PSK (Mixed Mode) with WPA encryptionTKIP+AES and the laptop is at WPA2-Personal with encryption at AES. and a preinstalled wps key (not sure what that even is it was just there when I got the router I think)


I have also these options on the router page and I have the first three ticked as default.



Enable Wireless Access Point

Enable WPS

Allow Broadcast of Name (SSID)

Wireless Isolation


I was wondering is this the strongest security for a home internet connection?



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*  Make sure you use WPA2 AES (high number bits) encryption and make sure the SSID password is a Strong Password

*  Turn off ICMP responses from the Internet. { Disable WAN ICMP Echo Requests (e.g. pings and ICMP traceroute queries) }

*  Disable any management of the Router from the POV of the Internet.  All management should be performed from the LAN side.

*  Don't use a SSID name that ties the WiFi service to you or your family.  Use whimsical names and the like.

*  Change the default management password of the Router to one you know.

*  Document passwords created and store them in a safe but accessible location.

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Thanks for the reply, what is ICMP and how do I find that on the router page? I think my router page can't load if there is no internet signal, least I couldn't last night which did concern me as then how do I configure it if I mess up changing it? Is LAN the fixed ethernet thing?


Sorry I'm not really up with tech.

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ICMP - Internet Control Message Protocol

The above Wiki explains the protocol.  The concept is Security by Obscurity.  If you can't determine there is a live system behind an IP then there is less likelihood one may try to "hack" it.


There are numerous Routers out there so specific instructions would be hard to provide.


Below is a graphic from my ActionTec Router.  The "Blue Box" shows the associated settings being disabled. 

Also note that no WAN side Remote Administration is enabled either (administration of the Router from the POV of the Internet)


Firewall Settings --> Remote Administration



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