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DPC Latency Spikes and audio glitches?

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Please read all the other posts about this.  It has been discussed over and over to Ad nauseam   .  Using the DPC latency tool is almost a ruse in that every computer I've seen run that tool shows spikes yet with millions of users with the PRO version the vast majority do not have any noticeable issue aside from this tool showing a spike.  I myself run the PRO version on many different systems and with different antivirus products and all of my computers show spikes with that tool but none of them experience any issues with streaming audio or video or playing online 3D intensive games.  I can run multiple video streams from various different sources at the same time and there is no lag, stutter, or freeze.  The only thing it does is create annoying audio due to all the streams talking over each other but they all still work just fine.


You may want to try another NIC card and see if that helps or not as some users say that has corrected the issue for them.


Thank you


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Yes i have read all the posts before about this issue and there are thousands upon thousands of people with this problem,the last thing i remember reading

was there should be a fix for this sometime in the future,but it's gonna take a long time.

All i know is having malicious website blocking enabled,makes it impossible to playback any audio without popping and crackling,disable it and audio is fine.

Like i said this is not a minority problem but a vast one,just google it.

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DPC Latency and Malwarebytes 1 Year = 195 results

DPC Latency and Malwarebytes 1 month = 16 results

Total DPC Latency results including Malwarebytes 1 year = About 6,150

Total DPC Latency results excluding Malwarebytes 1 year = About 5,960

There are many causes and as you can see from searching Google per your request that with well over 1 Billion Windows computers around the World and only about 6,150 total results in the past year the issue is not as big as you make it out to be. Now that said, again some of those that have experienced this issue said they were able to change out their network card for a $10 card and it resolved the issue for them.

Will this issue ever be resolved ? I honestly don't know but when you look at the various other programs and software that are also known to produce the same results it doesn't look likely but you can keep checking back if you like.

Thank you again.

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I have this exact same issue on a brand new top of the line Dell XPS running 8.1.  Every audio stream would have an occasional "skip" that I'd imagine could go unnoticed by some (or, more likely, most users would have no idea what caused it).  I spent hours troubleshooting and narrowed it down to Malwarebytes.  The problem is definitely the malicious website blocking feature.  It causes latency spikes that correlate perfectly with the audio trouble.  The problem is real and should be fixed if humanly possible.  Thanks.  

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