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Ignoring i.p.'s manually

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Is there a way to enter a blocked I.P. manually?  After browsing through the "False Positive" section of the forum, I noticed that Malwarebytes blocks certain i.p. ranges due to malicious content found in that range.  Many people/companies do not know that the providers of their new domain may host other I.P.'s that are harmful until it is to late.  Other reputable web-sites may end up in that "range" after a length of time being accessible, only to be blocked.  This ends up costing the web-site owners the loss of hits, as well as loss of money if they have to move their I.P.  Being able to manually enter an I.P. to ignore would be helpful.

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Hi, JimHarris: :)


Until one of the staff weighs in, here is a bit of info about your inquiry, in a recent post by the MBAM Product Manager and forum Admin, Exile360: http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=120516#entry630781.

The short answer (for now) is: no, it's not possible with the Consumer version at this time.


There *is* a way to tell MBAM to ignore/unblock a specific IP once a block has occurred.

The procedure is explained here: How do I unblock a site which Malwarebytes Anti-Malware blocks?


Before doing so, however, please note that MBAM blocks certain IPs for a reason -- so, unblocking a site can be risky.

The rationale is explained a bit by MBAM Research Engineer, MysteryFCM, in reply to your inquiry in the other topic >>HERE<<.


If you think that the IP block might be a False Positive, the safer initial course of action would be to follow the steps >>HERE<< and then to report it in the False Positive section of the forum >>HERE<<.

That way, the MBAM engineers can research it to determine if the block is a FP or not.


I'm sure the staff will have some additional advice and perhaps an update on the status of the feature you request.





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Thanks Daledoc.  I did find the right-click context for the individual, previously blocked, ip.  Thing is, on a site I was trying to visit, whois returned a different IP for it than the MWB baloon showed when it blocked it.  It's reported in False Positives already and await a reply there.

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