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Running MBAE with NoScript & AdBlock Plus


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I am interested in trying out MBAE.


I am currently running Firefox with NoScript, AdBlock Plus, Norton Vulnerability Protection and Norton Toolbar extensions installed.


I know this is a BETA but is the program expected to funtion okay with the setup I have in my browser ?


And is MBAE worth having on top of this as an additional layer of defence ?



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Hi, Andrew6974: :)


Until one of the MBAE experts weighs in....


Are you inquiring about the same computer with which our forum Admin, AdvancedSetup, is helping you over in the malware removal section >>HERE<<?


If so, it's generally not advisable to install new software, especially security applications and especially beta versions, in the midst of a malware cleanup.

I would suggest that you please wait until AdvancedSetup gives you the "all clear" before installing MBAE beta.


Having said all that, it's certainly more than fine to do a bit of preliminary research about MBAE, of course. ;)





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Yes I am talking about the same machine as in the thread you mentioned (and possibly installing it on a new laptop I am having delivered next week :D ).


Whilst the other issues are ongoing I have no intention of installing the program. This is as you say preliminary research.


I have been reading about the program - it sounds promising and I am curious.

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Just in response to your initial inquiry.

I have been running MBAE beta on my Win8 Pro 64Bit with FF(latest) + No Script and AdBlock for many months and have not experienced any issues or conflict with my OS configuration :)

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