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Split PUP detections from other malware detections


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First of all, a big plus in increasing the detection of PUPs, awesome :) !


A small side-effect of this is that sometimes logs are being clogged with PUP detections, which makes it harder to differentiate from the real malware detections (read: not adware/PUP).


Would it be a possibility to make an extra section in the logs which indicates PUP seperately?




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  • Root Admin

Thank you for your suggestion. I cannot say at this time if it will be implemented or not but I would say that if you have PUP on your computer that you actually want then I'd like to know what it is because I've not seen any that I would want on my computer. They may not directly infect your computer but based on observed statistics these add on programs will sooner or later put your computer in contact with some site that is dishing out malware and then unless your computer is very well up to date is going to get infected. The chances of you ever hitting that site or one like it without their junk software installed is almost impossible.

Speaking for myself only - PUP is pretty much MALWARE as far as I'm concerned. Disgusting, annoying, useless software foisted onto people so for me not a lot of difference. You find it in the logs, delete it is my recommendation.

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Hi -

Agree with both posts, but I have been finding computers with hundreds of these PUPs listed.

I need a "Multi Delete" type tab as the list of Foistware seems to be growing, greater than I can remove them.


The detection and removal is great for all of us users, but the removal method needs a change.


A "square box" like SAS has for when there are many similar items would be great for this.

It would save me (us) much time to just add a "Multi Delete" tab even just for listed PUPs.


Thank You -

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  • Root Admin

If you change the settings in the program then it will automatically select ALL of the PUP entries for removal.   By default it does not check them for removal is all.  As you can see here you can also set that on the PUM and P2P entries if wanted.


I'm not saying there will or won't be changes to a future version, only that it is very easy to select all and remove all without hand clicking anything.

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Hi Ron,


I agree on your points and find PUP to be utterly annoying as well, but I think you misunderstood what I meant.


The change would be mainly for Malware Helpers, meaning that when they open a log file, they can easily differantiate between what is real malware and what is PUP or adware.



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  • Root Admin

Hi Blaze,


I understood what you meant and replied

I cannot say at this time if it will be implemented or not



Just saying that from my (own personal point of view) that if it were not due to potential legal issues I would list them as malware and do away with PUP, but unfortunately that won't be happening. 


The Development Team and Marketing Team watch these suggestion forums though and if they feel it warrants a change then I'm sure they will implement it.


Thank you again.




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