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Accessing malwarebytes free in response to trial expiration messages

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For the longest time, I've been getting notices that my trial has expired, even though I ensured that I installed only the free version.  I reinstalled once, but to no avail.  Also tried clicking the message and choosing the end the unwanted trial, but no effect.


Recently, after seeing the same message many times, I decided to give it one more go.  Uninstalled Malwarebytes and also ran the cleaner (and rebooted).  Now I'm having trouble finding MalwareBytes free.  The site http://www.malwarebytes.org/products/malwarebytes_free directs me to a majorgeeks page, but there is no button that looks like it is obviously for MalwareyBytes download (as opposed to something else -- an we all know that buttons for things other than that intended are all too common).


which is the button to download MalwareBytes Free?  Is it even available anymore?

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Hi, FrackyMacky:


Yes, MBAM Free is still available, of course. :)


I would suggest trying the steps described in this KB topic: I keep getting notified that my trial has expired, how do I revert to the free version?


If you opt instead to do a clean reinstall of MBAM (as explained >>HERE<<), yes, you will be taken to one of several "mirror sites" for the MBAM download.


Let us know if that resolves your issue,



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Daledoc1, Firefox [ really???  :) ],


I've tried those steps.  I perhaps didn't describe them as well as I could have in my original post, but I did them a number of times in the past.


At the current time, I'm just trying to find which button is the actual button to download the free version of malwarebytes (or the single install executable from which you can choose the free version).  As I described, the current redirection is to majorgeeks (presumably a mirror), and I don't find it obvious which button actually fetches the install executable.



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sorry for any confusion, if you like you can download from CNET => RIGHT HERE <= just click on the Download Now Button and it will start downloading the latest version.


If you prefer the Majorgeeks one then you can download it from => RIGHT HERE <= then click on the Download @ MajorGeeks link under Download Locations

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Hi, again:


EDIT:  I see that Firefox provided additional info, while I was typing. :)


OK, I think there might be some misunderstanding here? :)


The MBAM installer that one downloads from any of the various mirror sites (majorgeeks, filehippo, bleepingcomputer, etc) is the SAME file for both Free and PRO.


MBAM becomes "PRO" when one activates/registers the product after installing it, by entering one's license ID & key.

This unlocks the PRO features.


IOW there is no separate or different download button or link for the Free version or the PRO version.


So, if the steps in the tutorial to revert to Free are not working (i.e. you are still being prompted that your PRO trial has expired), then the best bet would be to follow these steps:

  1. Cleanly remove MBAM from the computer, using the mbam-clean tool and rebooting when asked (VERY importan!t) -- this is explained >>HERE<<.
  2. After running the mbam-clean tool and rebooting, then download a fresh copy of the installer from one of the mirror sites listed >>HERE<<.
  3. When you install it, please be sure to un-tick (opt-out) of the free trial of MBAM PRO during the install wizard, as Firefox explained & illustrated >>HERE<<.

Hope this helps.




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Daledoc1, Firefox, Noknojon,

Thanks for the added information.  I think the problem was that I was confused by the majorgeeks page.  But I got it figured out now.  I have to choose one of the Download@MajorGeeks links (and they are in fact links) even though I'm already at the MajorGeeks website.  After realizing that, things went smoothly.

Thanks again.

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