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Recurrent Malware Issue? Involuntary Backups?

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I don't know how to paste into the cmd prompt box, so I just was careful to copy exactly what you wrote.


When you say "elevated admin right command prompt box" - this is the box I get when I type "cmd" into the "start/search" bar, and hit control/shift/enter and have to click "yes", its ok to make changes to computers - and the box says C:\windows\system32 - right?


I've run all of your codes now. Whats the best way to double check that the files are saved? To plug my hard drive into my husband's computer and open a cmd admin box and type:

CD F:\Backup\D_VOL


? - Is that what I should do? Thank you.

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I followed Vineet's instructions. There is no change. He created a disk, which I suppose was a bootable disk. Computer did not boot from disk.


This was his 7th attempt at trying to install Acronis on my computer.


I'm already backed-up on my hard drive. Can't I just go ahead and do the Clean Install for Vista 32 bit? Following these directions:



I wonder, though, since as thus far my computer has not been able to boot from any disks, would it be able to boot from the Windows Install disk?


I'm dying to try it, because I'm so bored with this problem. I am 10 days shy of 3 months of trying to fix my computer. :(

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The issue or concern is that IF something were to go wrong then you could get stuck at a point where the current computer may not start up anymore and the new install might not work and then what?  You would have no real image system backup to fall back on.  Not a good idea.  It's always best to ensure you have a fall back plan.


What you can do to see if the system can boot from the DVD is to put your Vista DVD in and restart you computer and watch.  It should ask you to press a key to boot from the DVD.  Press the space bar and let it continue to load.  If it starts to load then you know the CD/DVD drive is working and that you can boot from it.  You can simply power down the computer now as it's not time to install Windows and let me know if it did boot from the disk or not.

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OK, now I just have to learn how to back up my files from the bootable Acronis CD. I got as far as choosing a location to back up my files. I know I'll want to back up onto my F:, but I don't know how to type that in.


Vineet took remote control of my computer - but I don't see how he'll be able to do that when booting from disk. He probably can give me detailed instructions of what to do next, so I'll ask him now. Let me know if there are any other instructions you want me to follow.


Also - now that I'm getting disks to boot, do you want me to try the one that we made earlier? Back when we were looking for sality?

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Yes - when I admin cmd prompted my way into the F drive the way you told me to, I was able to navigate and open all of my hidden D_VOL files on my husband's computer. As for the other files - they're all available too. All of the files are saved on my hard drive. So I guess tomorrow I will follow Vineet's instructions on how to continue after booting with the Acronis CD.


Then, unless you have some other instructions for me, I'll let you know when I've backed up/created an image/whatever it is I'm doing with Acronis (and don't quite understand). And I can re-install with Vista 32 bit. I think Vista 32 bit will probably be enough computer for me. I just want to run Scribus, run Gimp, and run Virtual DJ. It would be nice if I could make websites with my student's version of Dreamweaver... but I'm still too intimidated by it. And afraid of the time commitment.


If I suddenly get my website mojo working, and feel like trying to conquer Dreamweaver, will I be unhappy with Vista 32 bit?

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Nope, Vista will be just fine for your needs I'm sure.  You've been running it for years so you'll be quite familiar with it.  But now hopefully you'll put backups and maintenance in as part of you routines.


Okay, well let me know how things go and good luck.

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You are like a broken record. I will give some "Christmas Honey" to the food pantry after Thanksgiving in your honor.

Thank you so much for all your help and opening up the word of responsibly back ups.


I have backed up my C:, D:, and E: (recovery) drives on my hard drive with ATI now. Is it safe to reinstall Windows now?

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Yes you should be good to go.  Disconnect your USB backup drive and any other peripherals until you get Windows installed and up and running.


Make sure you have your antivirus installed and updated pretty quickly too before going out on the Web searching for anything.

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