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Cannot install Malwarebytes completley

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Ok Here it be peeps...I previously had malwarebytes on my system and I deleted it due to non use. This was back about 3 weeks ago. WELL wouldnt you know it I got infected and needed it and bam!!! could not finish an install due to the following things:

The error 440 and error 0 and also when installing it opens a C: prompt window and beeps each time after it enters text (3times it does this) and it read This program cannot be run in DOS Mode. The top of the window reads regsvr32.

NOW here is ALL that I have done....

Used the mbam cleaner

Checked all files and folders and registry to delete ANY corresponding folders to the program

Went thru the C: prompt to make sure that my account (since it is my personal laptop) was real admin account

It wasnt so thru the C: prompt I reset the NET USER ADMINISTRATOR and turned it to yes for active (didnt help)

I have restarted my computer in safe mode, turned off all antivirus and spyware and firewall and internet AND UAC and tried install (didnt work)

Went into the new administrator account that it made when I activated NEW USER ADMINISTRATOR (doesnt work there either)

Used Advanced System Care3 (recommended by HP Help Chat) found like 5k+ registry errors...they thought it would fix it and install would work (didnt work)

Used your help forum and installed Windows Installer 4.5 Redistriutable (no difference)

Used your help forum and installed rootrepeal and I cannot use it cause in per the instructions it says .sys files are the ones to look it (at least that is how I understood it) and like most of my files in system32 are .sys files and are valid files....

SO someone please....help me...I just want to install it...thats all really....been working on this for almost 10 days now....it has now become a personal life mission it has me so flustered!!!

Here is something that I came across however.....I noticed that in my winsxs folder where my SP1 stuff I believe is, there are visualbasic folders in there and each one has one Microsoft.VisualBasic.Vsa.dll in it. If I click on the .dll file in the folder I GET THE EXACT SAME ERROR IN THE C: PROMPT AS WHEN I TRY TO INSTALL Malwarebytes. SO COULD THIS BE MY PROBLEM? A possible bad SP1 install?

To whoever solves this know that you are my SAINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks all


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Welcome beckylynn420

I have Vista Home Premium with 4MB RAM and it works great.

When your situation is resolved I recommend installing an additional 2MB RAM as RAM is inexpensive and the best thing you can do to improve system performance.

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Not sure if I can will have to look at my restore points. But it is not just the two errors. It is also the question of why does it pull up the C: Prompt window and says this program cannot be run in DOS mode. And it is not just MBAM, even just a visual basic file or using enhanced C: Prompt and a command line of regsvr32 will give the same error and sounds. It has to be some setting with the registry....

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Please follow these instructions (skipping any steps you are unable to complete) for posting in our Malware Removal - HijackThis Logs forum. If you cannot follow any of those steps, then please create a new topic in that forum explaining what happened when you tried to run each of the tools in the instructions, and the expert who helps you will be able to suggest steps to take to get the tools working.

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