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MBAM Videos in Firefox and IE display differently


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I just checked all the video tutorial pages on the MBAM helpdesk web pages.
The videos are visible in IE9, but not in Fx 23.0.1 with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player for both browsers.
(Even with Javascript enabled on these same pages, it's the same results.)
By comparison, YouTube media videos posted in the "What are you listening to?" post display just fine in Fx.
So it seems to be something about the way the video content is embedded on these tutorial pages?
I have no trouble with embedded videos on any other websites, just the MBAM video tutorial web pages.
Any ideas?
Can anyone confirm/reproduce this?
In the interim, I will try a new, clean, vanilla Fx profile without any extensions and report back with the results.
>>>> P.S. Feel free to split this off to a new topic, as it does not concern Nikilet's original issue. ;) DONE, thanks!

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A new, naked, vanilla Fx profile with NO extensions returns the same result.


So, it's not an extension or other preference/setting in my Fx profile.

The problem doesn't seem to be anything at my end.


Rather, there is something about the way the video content is embedded on the MBAM video tutorial pages that is causing it (the video link) NOT to render in Fx.

(Works OK in IE9.)


Can anyone else confirm this behavior?







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Thanks for checking that, DHL. :)


Further research: it seems to be a Firefox + Windows problem?


Win7 + IE9 (my PCs): works

Win7 + Firefox 23.0.1 (my PCs): doesn't work (even in a new, naked profile with 0 extensions)

Android 4.1.2 + Firefox 23.0.1 mobile (my smartphone): works

Android 4.1.2 + Chrome mobile (my smartphone): works


If someone can attempt to reproduce this on a PC + another browser (Chrome, Safari, etc) that might help to narrow it further?


Problem with how the video content is embedded on these web pages????





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Hi, CWB:
Well, that's even MORE interesting! :o
It's clearly a Firefox + Windows issue, as Android works fine with Fx 23.0.1 (mobile).
With your added data, it now seems as if it's some sort of regression in Fx 23.x.x, as it worked in earlier versions.
And it would seem that it might be fixed again in Fx 24b, at least for XP?
Perhaps someone who runs Vista or 7 or even Win8 (not 8.1) can test Fx 24b while we are waiting to hear from the staff?
I'll attribute the fact that Win8.1 +  Fx 24b doesn't work to the fact that both are betas.
I'm thinking of filing a bug report at bugzilla and/or posting at the mozilla support or mozillaZine user forum, to see if any of those Mozilla "script kiddies" can tease out the cause and solution.
However, I think it's best to wait to hear from our forum team and web team before I proceed with either of those steps.
The plot thickens...

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"The plot thickens..."

and the cheese gets binding ?


(it is an expression that an ol' boy used when i was a kid)


I remember that one!



ps ... why would someone try to run FF on their credit card ?

Not sure what you mean?

Is there a joke I'm not catching?


NEVER MIND! I found the typo (and corrected it). :lol: :lol:


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It does appear in most (but not all?) cases to be related to the embed code used:



In that thread, upgrading to Fx 24b fixed the issue for some, but not for others.


For now, I guess the workarounds are to use the direct YT links or to use another browser when viewing those MBAM Helpdesk How-To video tutorial pages.



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