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Yosemite National Park - Rim Fire


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that is a fair sized fire .

i hope they did a better job of forest management than they did many years ago at yellowstone ...

because of a lack of letting small fires clear out the brush and undergrowth this provided fuel for a catastrophic burn .

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The forest doesn't go to waste.  Fire has always been a part of forest renewal.  Culling older trees and allowing new ones to sprout.  In fact, Serotinous cones require the heat of fire to open and release their Pine seeds.


I follow the Giaia theory that life promotes life and death is part of the life cycle.  The burning of old forests releases free carbon and other nutrients back into the soil.  Sapiens don't like it because it disrupts their homes and the renewal happens too slowly for one generation to take full appreciation of the life cycle.


I feel for the lives of my fellow Americans whose lives are disrupted and whose homes may be destroyed but at the same time I'll rejoice in how the forest recovers and splendour in its majesty and beauty when it does and it will.


It also goes to prove that each and every corner of the country has its own forms of pending disaster scenario.  Volcanoes in the North West, Earthquakes on the Left Coast, hurricanes on the Gulf Coast  and East Coast, Tornadoes in the mid-west, mud-slides in mountainous areas, heavy snows, yada, yada...

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Well said, DHL.


Sadly, according to info in one of Ron's links: one major section of the park that has burned this week had been replanted as recently as 1987, after the last major fire in that area.  So, it was still recovering and now has been wiped out again.

One must also consider the human factor (in terms of forest management practices) that may (or may not) have contributed to natural vulnerability to wildfire in this area.


All of this serves to remind us that we are always at the whim of very powerful natural forces over which we really exert little true control.

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