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What is Malwarebytes AntiMalware?

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This may seem like a strange question, but I ask it anyway: What is Malwarebytes AntiMalware? I have up to now used either Anti Virus and/or Anti Spyware software, but never anything called "Anti Malware" software. I guess what I wonder is if the program should be an addition to your existing anti virus and/or anti spyware program(s), or if it's meant to replace one or both of them? I know if you ask Symantec or some bigwig like that they will tell you that their package is all you need.

Personally I purchased AntiMalware since it was able to remove a Vundu infestation no other software would deal with and I thought this is a program I need to keep around. I now have real time AntiMalware protection and was hoping I could drop keeping one of the large security packages running on my computer and only rely on AntiMalware. I have been running DriveSentry along side AntiMalware since the two seems to work good together, but I would love to hear that AntiMalware is all I really need.


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The closest MBAM comes to the more common types of security softwares would be anti-spyware, but because of the current state of malicious software on the net, there's a lot more malicious software, or malware not being caught by most AV and AS software (especially AV) and that's where MBAM comes in. It detects trojans, spyware, adware, rootkits and other threats that are commonly missed by most other security softwares, especially those missed by AV's.

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The best way to describe what makes us different is that we have created our own security software type that instead of prioritizing research based on malware family type we prioritize based on current malware that other security software is having trouble with . We go after just about everything but the emphasis is on current low detection rate malware . Using MBAM with a good AV (KAV , NOD32 , Avira) will provide very solid protection .

Another area that MBAM excels in and likely leads the industry in is removal . There are two powerful low level techniques to remove malware that many custom removal tools use and we employ both of these techniques .

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