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I have a "search" button in my tab bar.  I am told this is a malware add-on.  Microsoft Security Essentials (MSSE) cannot remove it.  The MSSE malware monitoring process (msmpeng.exe) runs all the time and hogs the CPU so that the computer is essentially disabled.  The only way I can use my computer is to disable real time monitoring and delete the process, msmpeng.exe.


So, I downloaded Malwarebytes.  As soon as the original launch, the same thing happened, the Malwarebytes process ran at or near 99% all the time.  I then attempted to download the latest definitions.  This froze my computer solid requiring hard boot.  I then uninstalled Malwarebytes which  took a VERY long time. 


Any suggestions?

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I found the problem, an add-on extension called "default"  I disables it and the problem disapperaed.  MSSE failed to detect it and let it disable my computer.

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